Training make wonders

old pictures shizuoka shihan

1976 – Shizuoka City
Korindo Ryu Dojo

“You don’t have the skill to understand me” Hakamatsu Shihan

Korindo Shizuoka kopie

How to become skilful?

I realize that there will be no end to my training to become skilful. The interesting part is “the way” to become skillful. It is not a large “boulevard”, no it is a road along small squares, interesting people and much to fall and get up.

Don’t take falling down too literally…….

Every time I come across interesting people, I try to listen to them in an empty mind. The goal of this empty mind is to absorb as much as it can. That information has to become a part of my body………

Improving our aikido by practising and understanding the language of our body

When we do not improve something, it tends to degenerate and worsen as time progresses.

Therefore, I firmly believe that it is up to us to try to understand the many exercises and their objectives. Unfortunately, the creators have already left us a long time ago and only a few written documents or movies, mostly bad quality, are available or were left behind. This means that we must rely on our intuition and understanding of our anatomy and kinesiology to discover the wisdom and true teaching hidden within the exercises.

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