Jukozo-Martial Art Body

A “martial art body” is determined by the word “Jukozo”. This is explained from a theoretical point of view in another article. A question arises: How to create a martial art body? When we see how someone is catching a ball, we can get an idea how the body works during catching a ball. The […]

Resilience, a balance…

Budo Aikido: the Art of Aikido “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” ― Gustav Mahler– Can we improve our Budo Aikido with exercises? Yes, but unfortunately there are too many for practising during 1 training session.As we all know, prof. Tomiki is famous for rationalizing aikido and created logical structures for […]

My training ideas

  1976 – Shizuoka City Korindo Ryu Dojo “You don’t have the skill to understand me” Hakamatsu Shihan   How to become skillful? I understand there will be no end to my training to become skillful. The interesting part is “the way” to become skillful. It is not a big “boulevard”, no it is a […]

Aikido Bodywork

Writing  is not linear. It is an organic work, it grows. Everyday a small part can be added.