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Martial Arts Exercises

When talking about martial arts exercises, most of you will think about “warming up or cooling down”. In fact in traditional martial arts, those exercises don’t exist. Warming up and cooling down are the result of Western influence in martial arts as a sport activity.… Read More

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Gorin no sho In this inspiring book written by Musashi Miyamote (17th century) there is section about the shouts during a battle. The phrase ‘sen go no koe’ (before and after voice) 前後の声 is used to describe how to use shouts in a fight. He… Read More

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Creative copying

  Japan is well-known for the skill of copying. In the West, copying has a bad flavor, but what about creative copying. “The original doesn’t exist!” When a performance is done, the kata or randori doesn’t exist anymore. Even if it is on videotape, the… Read More