Using Kyokotsu

Controlling “your movements and techniques” are based upon 3 important elements : 1- Kyokotsu control (Kyokotsu is a point on the sternum, about 2 cm above the solar plexus): Kyokotsu is at the core of whole body movement. It initiates the stretch of inner core muscles. You can connect limbs such as arms and legs to the […]

Kyokotsu – sternum control

Kyokotsu – 胸骨 = sternum 胸 mune = chest 骨 hone = bone Hino’s Budo Theory opened my eyes to improve my movements, especially the basics in Tomiki Aikido (unsoku-ho, tandoku undo tegatana dosa, sotai dosa……….) It is a misunderstanding to label Tomiki Aikido as only competition. There is more….. Kyokotsu – Control Centre of the […]