Ridatsu-ho and seigo-ho (2)

Break away & control There are different kinds of attacking movements when confronting an opponent. Punching, striking, pushing….. Kicking Grasping Other attacks Ridatsu-ho & seigo-ho are skills to deal with grasping attacks. The most basic grasping attack is certainly “grasping the wrist” and is the subject of many sequences in Tomiki Aikido kata. Koryu no […]

Ridatsu-hō & Seigo-hō

Tomiki’s Training Concept Kenji Tomiki formulated his ideas about training in a document : On jujutsu and his modernisation There are many versions of this document, and some of those versions are included in his books. He and his 1st generation students used the names “judo” or  “yawara” depending the targetted practitioners. His publication “Judo […]