I started with Judo/Jujutsu (Kawaishi system) and some Chuanfa (Chinese Kenpo). Later I switched to Shotokan Karate, but still was not convinced, which brought me to Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Hakko Ryu Aikijujutsu….
But I found out there is no “one” Aikido. Many styles are bringing forward the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba, filtered by the knowledge of the founder of the style.
The past decade Daito Ryu Aikjutsu became popular amongst many Aikido followers. They are trying to figure out the origin of their art. Unfortunately the masters of the past are all gone and we cannot ask them for advice anymore.

One of the solutions to upgrade our martial art can be discovered in the work of some researchers of “bodywork for martial arts”. Of course, the difficulty is to find a compatible bodywork system.


In my quest to find a suitable bodywork system I did research on the old methods of Kenji Tomiki Aikido method. Also some material of the 1st generation students (after WWII) are included in the research.
After having an understanding of the original Tomiki concepts, I was able to find a compatible bodywork system. This was no easy task, and I tried together with some members of the Study Group Tomiki Aikido different methods. By sharing experiences and following workshops and seminars by bodywork teachers I came to the conclusion the bodywork of Akira Hino is very compatible with Tomiki’s original Aikido system.

Akira Hino is besides a martial arts teacher a professional jazz drummer and a classical and modern dance coach. In fact, he is an all-round bodywork teacher.


Eddy Wolput – Akira Hino – Adrian Tyndale