Koryu no kata – Dai Yon (2)

There are different opinions on the meaning of ura-waza. reverse or counter technique, also called kaeshi-waza. alternative performance of kuzushi with application ………. 7-hon no kuzushi ura-waza In Koryu no kata Dai Yon, the 2nd section is called Ura-waza. This section is build upon the omote-waza discussed in a previous article. The start of the 7 […]

Koryu no kata – Dai Yon (1)

A main component of Dai Yon is the (un)famous 7-hon no kuzushi. The 1st part of the Dai-Yon is about throwing an opponent after acquiring a perfect “kuzushi”. This possibility in a fighting situation will be very rare….although it can happen if….. Koryu no kata Dai  Yon Nage no kata – omote waza – 7 […]

Rendo – linking movement segments

Movement segments or the concept of “3” Whole body movement is made of linked movement segments and it is called “rendo”. Although it is not only a physical action, the brain (and its functions) plays also an important role. When we consider mainly the physical actions, we can divide a movement segment action in 3 […]