The Switch

Changing the direction of power in a movement is not an easy task. We cannot interrupt the movement because is will also interrupt power generation. With every stop we have to start over again in generating power. While your upper body muscles are directly involved with the action of the hand/arm, the force is generated […]

Balanced body frame: Shizentai

Shizentai Tomiki wrote many articles and books about Budo, mostly Judo and Aikido. In his writings, but also in his lectures he stressed a lot “shizentai” mostly translated as “natural posture”. Shizentai is a posture neither limp or neither rigid. From shizentai we can move in any direction. If someone is pushing we can move […]

Rendo – linking movement segments

Movement segments or the concept of “3” Whole body movement is made of linked movement segments and it is called “rendo”. Although it is not only a physical action, the brain (and its functions) plays also an important role. When we consider mainly the physical actions, we can divide a movement segment action in 3 […]


Footwork, stretching and releasing, winding and unwinding….all of these separate patterns must be combined in one smooth movement, called rendo. How to use the body is an important item in the training. Especially at beginners level, the mind needs to be used to remember the script of the movement. Beginners level is not simply associated […]