A dilemma, Ai-gamae or Gyaku-gamae

Kamae, the fighting position There is an interesting aspect connected to the fighting position of Tomiki Aikido method. In randori no kata, Tori always stands with his right foot in front: migi-gamae. The same applies for Uke. Of course this situation applies for right-handed persons. But where does the systematic use of the right-sided position, […]

17-hon no kata

17-hon no kata atemi waza – 5 techniques hiji waza – 5 techniques tekubi waza – 4 techniques uki waza – 3 techniques Kata in general consist mainly of offensive and defensive methods. Although there is no visible attack (for the untrained eyes) in the 17-hon no kata “toshu” method , there has to be […]

17-hon no kata – Uki-waza

Uki waza The integration of our bodywork exercises into Uki Waza will generate extra power into the technique. This power is derived from Tenshikeiî or the power generated through internal body turning, stretching and releasing. This internal turning follows a diagonal spiral line or in other words: diagonal tension. Mae  otoshi The setup for mae […]

17-hon no kata – Tekubi-waza

Tegatana no mune  Tegatana (Japanese for hand sword) is a term that refers to the idea the hand and the arm are in the shape of a Japanese sword. During training, uke and tori often face each other with their respective tegatana that touch each other. From this position, considered the ideal distance for two […]

17-hon no kata – Hiji-waza

Skin-effect When grasping the wrist of Uke it is only grasping the skin and underlying tissue. It is not grasping the bones. Grasping the skin has an effect on the fascia system. Oshi-taoshi Tori use skin effect on Uke’s wrist. Tori using a diagonal spiral in the torso move from the elbow to drive Uke’s […]

17-hon no kata – Atemi-waza

The integration of our exercises, discussed in this blog, have of course a great influence on the performance of our waza in kata and randori. Major influences are: stretching the body diagonal tension twisting and untwisting rolling feet and other elements… Shomen ate Tori stretch the body as the arm is raised as a threat. […]